Tuesday, June 29, 2010

MyWindowsClub.com – A Microsoft Windows Community Launched

MyWindowsClub.com was founded by Tony John, a Microsoft MVP and founder of several other popular websites. Tony is a software architect with over 14 years of experience in the field and manages a network of over 40 websites.

One of the main features of MyWindowsClub.com is "all the members who contribute content will get 90% of Google Adsense revenue from their pages". This is in addition to the cash they earn for each post, various awards and prizes for contests etc.

MyWindowsClub.com is a community website were active members of the site get the opportunity to become part of site management and ownership. Read more about become part of our team

Current contests and reward programs

First Diamond Awards
First few members who reach diamond level will win great prizes. prizes include High Definition (HD) camcoder, Digital camera and Electronic gadgets.
Learn more about First Diamond Awards

Star of The Club Award
From time to time, we will select some of our super stars as "Star of The Club". This award comes with a recognition certification.
See more details about the Star of The Club Award

Member of the Month
Every month, we will select a winner based on the overall contribution and points earned during the month. The winner will receive an award of excellence, along with cash credits and extra points.
Read more about Member of The Month award

AdSense Welcome Bonus
MWC can create Google AdSense accounts on behalf of members using Google AdSense APIs. This is a program we are running in association with Google. If you create an AdSense account through MWC and get approval from Google, we will give you Rs 100 AdSense welcome bonus

Profit sharing and site partnership offer
Top 10 contributors of this site will earn 100% of the revenue from this site during first year.Read more about becoming part of the team and taking the revenue

Referral Bonus
Bring your friends to MyWindowsClub and earn up to Rs 500 if they reach higher levels here.
Read more about Referral bonus programs.

Blog Contest
Write blogs about MWC in your personal blog and win some great prizes.
See more details about the blog contest

AdSense revenue sharing
All GOLD level and above members are eligible for this. You will receive 90% of the Google AdSense revenue from your content pages for a period of 1 year from the date of each post. If you spend few hours every week, it is quite easy to earn couple of hundred dollars every month from AdSense.
Learn more about Google AdSense revenue sharing.

Get paid for posting answers in other sites
We pay money of you post answers in other popular sites with some reference to MyWindowsClub.Learn more about earning money by posting in other sites

Remember, member posts are eligible for cash credits based on quality, which is an addition to all of the above benefits.